Le RAFT à Telecom 2011

Le RAFT/UNFM est invité par l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé à présenter ses activités au pavillon sur la cybersanté lors de la réunion internationale Telecom 2011, qui se tiendra à Genève du 24 au 27 octobre 2011:
Your eHealth project/application “RAFT” has been short-listed to be invited as a good example of innovation to be shared and promoted during this world event.

The ITU-WHO eHealth pavilion will be the central hub for eHealth activities at Telecom 2011 and will emphasize innovation, networking, knowledge sharing and will provide a dynamic experience for participants. It will accommodate a thematic set of eHealth applications that have demonstrated valuable results in developing countries. A series of Side Talks will invite eHealth experts to dialogue with visitors on Telemedicine, mHealth, maternal and child health, eLearning, Innovation, etc.
Pour en savoir plus sur Telecom 2011: http://world2011.itu.int/
Article publié le 20/09/2011